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      KoozTees has been a project years in the making!  It started with a conversation amongst friends thinking it would be cool to integrate a "Koozie" into a Hawaiian tee, two things we love!  

      After many different iterations, we believe we have found a great mix and have the ability to deliver an exceptional product!

      There was an initial challenge with the design as a normal pocket brings the surrounding shirt fabric up with it, and of course provides minimum insulation from a thin layer of fabric.  Our patent-pending design has smoothly integrated a layer of insulating neoprene with a design to allow the pocket to rise from the chest to encapsulate the can.  The velcro also allows the pocket to lay flat when there is no can in place.

       Our main goal here is to provide people with a great product at a great price! All through college I searched for affordable Hawaiian tees which usually lead to fruitless trips to thrift stores or some poor quality shirts online.  There were plenty of really nice Hawaiian shirts online, but all closer to $60-$80!!  Now we want to provide a shirt that people would want to wear and at an affordable price! The special pocket is just the cherry on top!